The Leading Private Mortgage Lenders for SMEs

The Leading Private Mortgage Lenders for SMEs


Interim Finance is one of the leading providers of private mortgage financing and private finance loans in Australia. Catering to small and medium enterprises, we aim to provide fast and efficient financing solutions for clients to obtain the funding they need for their business’ operations. We are known for our quick & seamless loan application processing. We understand that in the business environment opportunities often present themselves with little prior notice; as such business owners cannot afford to wait the extended turnaround times of the major credit providers. Interim finance is committed to meeting the financial requirements of this segment of the market.


Over the course of the past few years, traditional lenders have continued to tighten their lending criteria. Either frustrated with turnaround times, voluminous requirements or simply falling outside of their lending criteria, more and more borrowers look to commercially sound lending alternatives. Interim Finance has excelled in meeting the expectations of our referrers and borrowers alike, providing a combination of speed, autonomy and cost effectiveness that characterises our lending operation.


We do not burden our clients with excessive requirements but look to provide common sense lending solutions to common sense borrowers ensuring that our clients stand to benefit when


Private Mortgage Financing for Business Investment or Funding


With the financial solutions provided by Interim Finance, SMEs can use this for bridging finance; business investment, improvement or expansion; or unexpected business expenses. Clients can enjoy the customisable loans with their choice of short to medium loan terms.


Business investment and funding is now possible with Interim Finance’s private mortgages.


Helping Businesses Bridge Finances with Private Mortgages in Australia


With Interim Finance’s solid lending base and over 20 years’ experience in the industry, brokers and clients can have access to products that are solution-oriented from a lending provider that is relationship-driven. Getting financing for businesses has never been this easier with our private first mortgage and private second mortgage solutions.


Brokers will also find our financing solutions easy as they can elect to have it written and managed on their behalf. And this comes at no extra cost to the broker or the client.


Call the leading private mortgage lenders now to learn more about our options for private mortgages and take advantage of this market potential.


Aside from our solutions for private mortgages in Australia, we also offer short-term options for financing including 1st mortgages and caveat finance.

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