Sometimes, a quick injection of cash is critical to a business’s success. It might be necessary in order to service a big new contract, undertake emergency repairs, or the business might just need a capital boost to make it through a sticky cash flow crisis.

This is where short term business finance or caveat finance comes in. Whatever a business owner needs it for, a short-term loan can help them bridge the gap fast, and continue to grow their business.

Here are five reasons why caveat finance can make perfect business cents for your clients (see what we did there?):

1. Access to cash, quickly
Caveat finance is designed to offer fast access to cash. Big banks aren’t really able to turn around loans for large sums of money quickly, which is sometimes what’s needed.

2. Your client can say yes to anything, no matter how big
Your client’s business has just won a huge order. The problem is that your client will be paid for the order in 30 days, but must pay their own suppliers in 10. A short-term loan can provide cash quickly to cover the cost of the producing the order.

3. There’s no need to sweat over emergency repairs
Sometimes life just happens and things need to be fixed, but if a business doesn’t have the cash flow, it could mean big delays and loss of income. With caveat finance, this doesn’t have to be the case.

4. Your clients can keep the pace, even in the slow times
In every industry there are periods of time which are slower than others. When the cash flow isn’t coming in as fast as required, a caveat loan can help tide the business over until it does.

5. It can help big dreams become reality
If your client has a big idea it can sometimes mean huge start-up costs, but that’s okay. A short-term caveat loan can give the business owner the cash they need to make their dreams come true, without having to convince a big bank of the merit of their idea.

Get the most competitive rate

If you would like to know more about how it works, talk to us. We offer competitive rates for caveat finance in Australia, as well as complete back-end service to help brokers meet the needs of their clients when a fast boost of cash is needed.