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New Opportunities for Brokers in Start Up Loans

It’s an exciting time for start ups and new business in Australia. 2017 promises plenty of interest in platforms for video and mobile, connected homes and wearable tech. Along with this encouraging start up environment comes a unique opportunity for brokers to help...

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Costs to Consider for a New Business

  So, you have your business plan in place and you’re raring to get started steering your own ship. Where many new business owners run into problems in the first year, however, is with cash flow. The big costs are easy to spot; it’s the small additional costs that can...

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How Quick Success Can Destroy Your Business Cash Flow

 Quick growth might sound like the dream scenario for your business, but it can pose a risk, especially if it impacts your cash flow.   As your business grows, so do your cash flow requirements, with more money needed to pay staff, upgrade facilities and cover larger...

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How a Second Mortgage can Work for You

2nd Mortgage Sometimes in business we need cash fast. We need it to grow the business or to see us over the quiet times and the fact is that getting cash quickly from the bank is sometimes near impossible. That’s when a second mortgage can save the day. It’s a...

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8 Ways to Avoid Cash Flow Disasters

Neglecting a business’s cash flow can spell disaster. According to ASIC’s 2015 insolvency report, cash flow problems were the most common cause of business failure in 2014-15. Here are eight ways to avoid cash flow issues from ruining a business. 1. Keeping on top of...

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