FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who are we?

We are the largest, most reliable and most reputable secured short-term financier on the Australian Eastern Seabord.  We have supported over 2600 SME’s to the tune of $300M and continue to be brokers first choice in secured short-term finance

Who do we lend to?

Australian SME’s and the Self-Employed market across NSW, VIC & QLD.

Where do you lend?

Metropolitan real estate Across NSW, VIC & QLD

What real estate do you accept?

Residential, commercial, industrial and vacant land. LVR’s will be reduced on non-residential real estate.

What do we offer?

1st MortgageCaveat/2nd MortgageTop-up Construction

This is available to clients who offer unencumbered security and require a line of funding, either short or medium term

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This facility is available to clients who wish to retain their existing 1st mortgage but require a short-term line of funding beyond their current credit provider’s capacity

Boutique developments nearing completion or at lock-up but require a pay-per use/drawdown style facility to see a project through to completion

What Does It Cost?

1st MortgageCaveat/2nd MortgageTop-up Construction

From 7.95% p.a

1% establishment fee

0.15% line fee pcm

Legal from $660

Valuation from $440.00

From 13.95% p.a

1% establishment fee

0.15% line fee pcm

Legal from $660

Valuation from $440.00

From 13.95% p.a

1.50% establishment fee

0.15% line fee pcm

Legal from $770

Valuation from $770.00

How Long Does It Take?

1st MortgageCaveat/2nd MortgageTop-up Construction

3 – 5 days

4-7 days

5 – 10 days

How does it work?

  • Application Form


    Complete our application form

  • Interim Finance values


    Once your application form has been submitted and processed, our experts value your real estate ensuring the most precise and just estimate.

  • 3/5

    After your real estate has been valued, we will provide a Letter of Offer and a short but complete list of short term finance requirements.

  • Loan agreement


    Should you find the terms acceptable and procure the necessary requirements, we will then prepare the Loan Agreement.

  • Caveat and Mortgage transfers


    Once the Agreement has been made and finalised, we will then register the Caveat/Mortgage and transfer the funds to the borrower.

What are the lending parametres?

1st MortgageCaveat/2nd MortgageTop-up Construction

$50K – $2.0M

Metro NSW, VIC & QLD

2 – 12 months

65% LVR

$30K – $500K

Metro NSW, VIC & QLD

2 – 12 months

70-75% LVR

$30K – $500K

Metro NSW, VIC & QLD

2 – 12 months

70% LVR

What are the most common loan purposes?

Working CapitalStarting or Buying a BusinessExpanding a Business

Inventory & Stock Purchases

Staff, Super & ATO payments

Refinance Existing Business Loan

How do Borrowers pay back a loan?

Typically called an ‘Exit Strategy’, the most common methods of repayment are as follows:


Business Proceeds

Sale of an asset

What to be careful of in the private mortgage space?

Large up-front feesExorbitant Interest RatesUnrealistic Turnaround Times

Opaque fee structure

Dealing with a broker holding themselves out to be a Lender

5 reasons to choose Interim Finance?

  1. Pricing – We do not price for risk. We are cheap and consistent
  2. Minimum Upfront fees – Quarantined to the valuation fee only. No commitment or assessment fees
  3. Sustainable – At our rates loans can be serviced and extended encouraging prospects of a refinance
  4. Flexibility – All prepaid, part-prepaid, 2 months or 12 months, need more time? – extension available, no accounting software? – no impediment, Financials being prepared or not lodged? – no impediment? New business with minimal trading history – no impediment.
  5. Delivery Time – We can fund your business loans in 4 – 7 business days. We are quick AND careful. Can’t wait that long? Perhaps you should reconsider the reason why you are applying?

How do I Apply?