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The leader in short term caveat loans in Australia

Interim Finance specialises in solution-focused, competitive caveat loans in Australia that are facilitated efficiently.

A registered caveat provides a swift and seamless means of settling a short term loan. Secured by way of a registered caveat, this facility is available to clients who wish to retain their existing 1st mortgage but require a short term line of funding beyond their current credit provider’s capacity. Short term caveat loans are available for business purposes and secured personal loans.

Elect to have a market-leading caveat loan written and managed by Interim Finance on your behalf at no charge.

Interest Rate: from 13.95% p.a

Market-leading short term caveat finance, delivered quickly

As one of leading short term and private mortgage lenders in Australia, Interim Finance offers caveat loans that are a great short term finance option for SMEs that:

  • Requires working capital
  • Need cash on hand for an equipment that’s essential for expansion or business operation
  • Need funds quickly for unexpected expenses

Customised caveat loans at best-in-market rates

STL solution: working capital

A new pizzeria and Italian restaurant in Adelaide’s CBD needed working capital to complete the finishing stages of its fit-out and the installation of a commercial-grade kitchen. A caveat loan through Interim Finance enabled the restaurant to receive the vital lending required to open on time and start trading.

STL solution: completion of a residential development project

A property developer from QLD needed additional cash flow for building materials and associated tradesmen I order to complete a residential development project in the heart of Brisbane.

A cash injection was provided through caveat finance, which enabled funds to be disbursed through a drawdown schedule, subject to progress of works, which in turn reduced the total interest costs incurred by the borrower.

Interim Finance will settle these transactions with a registered caveat (the fastest way to get cleared funds into the borrower’s account). Interim Finance will, however, seek to register its 2nd mortgage during the term of the loan.

Talk to us today about our customised short term business loans, 1st and 2nd mortgages, and other short term financing options.

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