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The leader in short term caveat loans in Australia

Interim Finance specialises in solution-focused, competitive caveat loans in Australia that are facilitated efficiently.

A registered caveat provides a swift and seamless means of settling a short term loan. Secured by way of a registered caveat, this facility is available to clients who wish to retain their existing 1st mortgage but require a short term line of funding beyond their current credit provider’s capacity. Short term caveat loans are available for business purposes and secured personal loans.

Elect to have a market-leading caveat loan written and managed by Interim Finance on your behalf at no charge.

Interest Rate: from 13.95% p.a

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Caveat/2nd Mortgage

Interest Rate From13.95% p.a
Estab Fee1%
Line Fee0.15% pcm
Legal Fee From$660.00
Valuation Fee From$440.00
Interest Payment Options:
  • Full prepaid
  • Part prepaid
  • Monthly

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