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Interim Finance has been operating in the short to medium term loan space for over 25 years.

The staff have considerable knowledge and experience in all aspects of the loan process and have provided more than $445million dollars of loans to its clients over this period.

The firm holds an Australian Financial Services Licence No 479859 which sets it apart from the majority of its competitors and operates a contributory mortgage fund. Experience and full autonomy ensure that loans can be assessed and approved very quickly.

All loans are secured by property and can be either:

Interim Finance

1st Mortgages

Interim Finance

Caveats / Second Mortgages

The business has two main lending operations :

Interim Finance Corporation and Australian Bridging Finance

Interim Finance Corporation

This part of the business is dedicated to the provision of Non-Code Loans. These loans being principally for business purposes and generally provide SME’s with a timely and simple means of obtaining working capital.

Suitable loan purposes are wide ranging however some typical loan purpose would include:

Interim Finance

Working Capital

Interim Finance

Payment of business debts including tax debts

Interim Finance

Property Purchases

Commercial and or industrial or residential purchases in company names.

Interim Finance

Funds for investment

Australian Bridging Finance

This part of the business is dedicated to the provision of Coded loans. These loans are for those applicants who wish to borrow in a personal name rather than a company.

Suitable loan purpose would include:

Interim Finance

Property purchases

Interim Finance

Bridging Finance

Interim Finance

Home improvement loans

Interim Finance

Limited smaller scale construction loans

Interim Finance

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