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Interim Finance are short term private lenders in Sydney who specialise in the provision of swift and seamless private mortgages in Australia. These facilities are customisable with a focus on bringing commercially sound solutions to each client. Secured by way of a registered 1st mortgage, this is available to clients who offer unencumbered security and require a line of funding, either short or medium term.



Interest Rate: from 9.95% p.a


1st mortgage loans are available for business purposes. SMEs can use these for unexpected expenses, working capital or funding of new equipment or business expansion. For private individuals, these can also be used for secured personal loans to pay off defaults or for debt consolidation.


To be eligible for the loan application, the client would only need to have any of these types of securities: residential, commercial, or vacant land properties. If all requirements are quickly secured by the applicant, the loan can then be processed in 3-5 business days with loan terms ranging from 1 to 12 months.


We value our clients’ time this is why we ensure fast and efficient loan application processing to have their funds readily available to be used for their business operations. In all of the products we offer, from short term caveat loans to private lending, we guarantee fast yet thorough facilitation of loan applications.


Brokers will also be pleased to find out that they can elect to have 1st mortgages written and managed on their behalf at no additional cost.


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