White labelling has many attractive features and benefits. As leading providers of short term finance products to SMEs nationwide, Interim Finance now also offers a white label package that enables brokers to brand the financing with their company name.

The white label package provides brokers with all the necessary documents, templates and guidelines for executing and processing streamlined, compliant short-term loans. This enhances the brokers’ value proposition and strengthens the competitive advantage.

Benefits include:

  • Providing more viable lending options to clients – Borrowers come to brokers seeking viable alternatives to traditional financing. A short term white label product directly extends the broker’s service offering without the risk or investment in a niche market.
  • Building up a brand name – A white label solution allows brokers’ complete autonomy throughout the loan process, through branding all documentation with their company ID. This enhances exposure as well as positioning.
  • Reducing channel conflict – Offering self-branded short term product allows brokers to retain relationships with clients directly (not the bank). This is preferable – particularly considering that some banks are reported to have been encouraging borrowers to skip brokers and deal directly with them, as seen in MPA (Mortgage Professional Australia) Magazine.
  • Flexible solutions – Interim Finance’s white label products are solution focussed, flexible and geared to accommodate the client’s individual circumstance.
  • Having more control over the lending process – From the application, to the funding through to the post-settlement, brokers have complete control over the loan process.

If you’re looking to improve your value proposition and differentiate yourself from competitors through white labelling, talk to Interim Finance. Our specialists can also provide assistance should you have any queries about short term caveat loans or 2nd mortgages.